Where does Time Go?

Since I launched Beyond Shiloh with a group of friends at the  Bobbie Jean Memorial Library in Imboden, time has simple disappeared.  But being a writer of fiction, I am learning I am suppose to show and not tell so I will show you what I’ve been up to.

On Saturday, December 1, I launched the third volume of my Shiloh Saga.  Many of my friends from Imboden have been reading the series, and I was so blessed they asked me to come over to present the third volume in Imboden.  I spent twenty-one years teaching at Sloan-Hendrix High School prior to my retirement, and I have many friends from the area who have been so supportive of my writing.  I enjoyed seeing people I had worked with, parents I had known, and meeting a couple of new people who have moved to the area since I retired. The newcomers have been introduced to the Shiloh stories through mutual friends.  I even got to hug the necks of former students who drove in to see me.  One came from Mountain Home, two from Benton, and one from just outside town.  I always love seeing my old tadpoles. Beyond Shiloh was well launched, believe me.  Thank you to the Friends of the Library.

The next Monday on December 3, 2018, I made a short trip over to Paragould to talk to the Paragould Book Club at the Belle Meade Senior Center.  I appreciate the gracious hospitality of Ms. Pam Biggs, the administrator, and her staff for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities.  This is my second trip to speak with these great novel lovers.  They are so knowledgeable about our part of the state.  I think I learn more from them than learn from me.  We spent a good while talking about Shiloh…the community where the books are set.  One of the ladies told me she had family ties to the community, and family buried in their well-kept beautiful cemetery up near the Greene County line. 

Mrs. Lillian had told me there would be six or seven people there, but it turned out to be about twelve.  I sold every book I had taken with me…I still owe her sister two Christmas sets!  They wanted books not only for themselves to give as gifts. Believe me it is an humbling experience to be so well received.  

I also had the opportunity to go to Walnut Ridge and visit with a local bookstore/giftshop owner, Penny Sloan.  Just walking through her store is a delightful experience. She has been offering all my Shiloh books for sometime.  She told me they are very popular with her customers.  That is always music to an author’s ears.  The Spider’s Webb, the name of her business, is located on Main Street in Walnut Ridge.  If you are in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to visit her.  I’m sure you’ll find some fine last minute Christmas gifts.  While we visited, she invited me to come on December 20th at 6:00 p.m. to do a book talk for readers in that area.  I’d love to see you there.

Choosing a new career as a writer can keep you on the go. Come and see me at a local event if you have the opportunity.  I love to chat with my readers.  Bring your books. I’d be glad to sign them. 

Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year in 2019.

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Writing has become my second career. Learning to put my stories in a format to be read, interacting with other writers, and seeing people enjoy my books make my days busy and purposeful. Blessed by God, I have a gift that allows me to follow a new path during my retirement.

2 thoughts on “Where does Time Go?”

  1. Hey Patricia,

    Just to remind you, I do plan to come to the Christmas party. However, we are going to Little Rock to visit kids, so anything can happen. At present, plan to return tomorrow (Friday).

    For refreshment contribution, I have an almond bark thing already made.



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