What I Learned at Ken-Ten Writers Retreat

My Dear Writer Friends,

      Do you know the most important tool in your writer’s tool box is passion?  This is the theme of the enthusiastic, poignant message from the final speaker at our get-together Bar-be-que on opening night at the retreat in Montgomery Bell State Park. Mr. Guy Robbins presented this concept in a moving tribute to his late wife, Sandra Robbins, one of the founding writers of the Ken-Ten Writers Group.  Mrs. Robbins passed away in January.

      Mr. Robbins spoke of his wife’s love for writing. Among her talents he listed, intelligence, wit, tenacity, willingness to help other writers, and her ability to make and keep friends.  But in closing, he said all those things which she possessed in abundance were outranked by her passion for her craft. Mr. Robbins recounted her long career in writing.  He said she had published at least thirty-five novels, but Guy felt her greatest contribution was her encouragement to other writers.  That “Passion”  led her, through a friendship with Kathy Cretsinger and Susan Davis, to begin a group for writers in Western Tennessee and Western Kentucky.   From their work came to the development the Ken-Ten Retreat, which last year opened their event to writers from other states. This June 11-14, approximately thirty writers from six states were afforded the opportunity to “hone our skills, like striking iron against iron”.

       I didn’t personally know Sandra Robbins, but in a brief conversation  in the parking lot, Guy told my friend Martha Rodriquez and me of his  great loss.  Now his passion is to assure her work continues. Sandra was indeed blessed to have a life mate who cares so deeply for her and her passion.  I have been blessed with her passion, too.  Thanks to Kathy Cretsinger and Susan Davis and the other Ken-Ten members, the retreat was a wonderful week.  Guy impressed me with his closing charge to the members of our retreat: Write always and write with passion. We were recharged in the beauty of God’s beautiful world in the glorious park.  We were revitalized in the energetic atmosphere of the Ken-Ten Retreat. I pray we will use the gifts we received last week and let our passion make us all better writers to the Glory of our Lord.

Write Passionately,

Patricia Clark Blake



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Writing has become my second career. Learning to put my stories in a format to be read, interacting with other writers, and seeing people enjoy my books make my days busy and purposeful. Blessed by God, I have a gift that allows me to follow a new path during my retirement.

12 thoughts on “What I Learned at Ken-Ten Writers Retreat”

  1. Patrica dear friend I’m so proud you got to go to this writers retreat . It’s sounds like you gained so much from it and the dear friends you made along the way. You are already at great writer. I can’t wait till volume 3 comes out. Keep on writing and getting inspired all your readers enjoy your writing so much! 🙏🏻💗


      1. I’m lucky to have you too I think God put us together. So I thank God for you friendship everyday.


  2. I tried to write a story one-time that I wasn’t passionate about and it turned into a first-class disaster. Lesson learned (I hope). Great post!


  3. Patricia, that is a beautiful tribute to Sandra, and a great endorsement for the KenTen retreat. Thank you! So glad I got to meet you.


  4. Thanks, Pat, for your tribute to the writer’s retreat and to Guy Robbins and his wife. I so enjoyed the retreat and the people I met there. I garnered a lot of helpful information and a renewed zeal to complete projects I have started. It was a week well worth the time spent.


    1. I so enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you better. I appreciate your going with me. I appreciate your editing my books! Sometimes the Lord gives us a special new friend. I received that gift. Keep writing, girl. Blessings, Pat


  5. Thanks Pat for the article about the Ken-Ten retreat. We visited with Guy shortly after the retreat and he was truly touch by everyone. He probably didn’t realize how many had come in contact with Sandra. She was a great friend to Kathy and encouragement in every event or project she under took. We are looking forward to next year.


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