An Arkansas Quiz

  1. There are five major rivers in Arkansas that have been used for commerce and navigation by steamboats.  Name three of them.

  2. Three families made up the “Family” of early Arkansas politics.  Name two of them.

  3. Arkansas is the only state in the United States where diamonds have been found.  Where can you ‘mine’ diamonds today?

  4. The world’s largest rice processing mill is in Arkansas.  Do you know where it is located?

  5. Arkansas is notorious for our nationally televised school integration of Central High School conflict in Little Rock.  This was not the first school integration in Arkansas.  Do you know where the first integration took place, much more civilized and peaceful?

  6. Was Arkansas a true son of the South and eager to enter the confederacy at the time of secession in 1861?

  7. What was the name of the first newspaper in Arkansas?

  8. What historical site is preserved in Dyess, Arkansas?

  9. Arkansas has the privilege of having the first woman in United States Senate.  Do you know who she was?

  10. What is our state bird?  (No, it is not the mosquito!)

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Writing has become my second career. Learning to put my stories in a format to be read, interacting with other writers, and seeing people enjoy my books make my days busy and purposeful. Blessed by God, I have a gift that allows me to follow a new path during my retirement.

4 thoughts on “An Arkansas Quiz”

  1. Okay—obviously I have forgotten most everything I ever learned about Arkansas history??? I do know the answer to question #3—Crater of Diamonds State Park near Arkadelphia?? Number 8—homeplace of Johnny Cash???


    1. Yes those two are correct. Don’t feel bad…most Arkansans won’t remember most of those things…But lots of folks will remember the bad jokes and the ugly slurs they’ve heard…I’ll post the answers in a couple of days.


  2. 1. Arkansas, White, and Black Rivers 2. Crittenden and Lawrence families 3. Murphreesboro State Park 4. Riceland in Jonesboro 5. Hoxie School District 6. Yes ? 7. Arkansas Gazette 8. Johnny Cash’s childhood home 9. Hattie Caraway 10. Mockingbird

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