May, 1967: Do you Know What Happened Almost Fifty Years Ago?

I know you all know.  Our celebration of our high school graduation is just around the corner.  We will meet once again to continue the planning for the best high school reunion ever.  We are asking for help from all of you.  If you are able, please attend the second planning meeting/lunch.

We are meeting Saturday, January 21.  The time will be 11:00 a.m.  The place is Fat City Steak House on East Johnson Avenue in Jonesboro.

Much work has already been done, but many details and decisions remain to be made.  That is why we want all of you to come give us your input.  We have a Dutch Treat Lunch together and then we get down to work…planning and reminiscing.  We’ll do it so much better if you will join us.

Please meet us for this second planning session.

Blessings, Pat (Clark) Blake

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