Thoughts on the Season

Today is December 1.   Christmas is just around the proverbial corner.  Now is the time to make my Christmas wish.  Do you still make that Christmas wish every year?  Sometimes as adults we forget that the magic of this time of year is not just for kids.

So what exactly should I wish for in 2016?   Truthfully, I  have little right of ask for anything.  God has been so very good to me over my lifetime.  I enjoy good health, financial security, a large extended family, a wonderful church community,  a few very special friends, and hobbies that are fulfilling and demanding at the same time. Since I have retired from a successful career as an educator in this state, I now have time to devote to things I want to do.  Several items from my Bucket List have already been marked off.

If Santa were to grant me my heart’s desire this year, this is what I’d ask for.  One day in the United States, there would be no senseless violence.  The evening news would be filled with stories of people working together for common good and helping others in need.  No one would go hungry…not in the streets of our city nor in any city of the earth.  Elderly people would not sit alone in nursing homes and parents would so cherish their children, we would have no need for foster care.  People would find worth and value in themselves, value in honest work, and joy in the simple things of life.  In this Utopia, of course, drug abuse, human trafficking, and infidelity in all relationships would simply cease to exist. That would be a mighty fine gift for one year.

Goodness, am I not the most naive person you’ve ever heard of.  Well, that is what Christmas does…make us hope for the world that Christ would have us build.  It’s been our challenge for more than 2,000 years.  Sadly, at times I wonder if we have made any progress at all.  We look at the world and shake our heads because the task is too big for us to tackle.  I heard on the news last night that in my state alone, we have more than 5,000 youth and children in child protection, and that is only one of the problems I wished away.  Looking at the whole picture could surely drive a person to despair.

 Mercifully, God has provided a way.  I only have to begin with me.  In this Holy season, I need to allow my self to worship, to share, to express my gratitude, to care for those in my circle, to love others as I love myself, and to let the Holy Spirit work through me to do what God wills for me to do.  I need only to open my heart and sing Joy to the World in full abandon.  I am asked to live my life so others will see the goodness and fullness of a life redeemed.  I don’t have to fix the world…I only have to allow Jesus to fix me and then let Him work out his plan.

Naive, undoubtedly, but I believe it is the one hope to see my Christmas wish fulfilled.  Give it some thought… May God bless you and give you His wish for Christmas.


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Writing has become my second career. Learning to put my stories in a format to be read, interacting with other writers, and seeing people enjoy my books make my days busy and purposeful. Blessed by God, I have a gift that allows me to follow a new path during my retirement.

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