My First Time

I think I am a writer, and if I am a writer, I need to write often.  I returned recently from my first writer’s retreat in North Carolina.  I learned so much I am nearly overwhelmed, but I found out that all want-to-be writers need a “social media presence.”  I am beginning my trek into blogging.  I’ve been at it for several days, and I think I have almost figured out what I have to do.  So here I go…

I want to use this blog to share my thoughts about my four passions in life…

  • I am a Christian.
  • I am a life long educator.
  • I love to write.
  • I love my native state, Arkansas.

I am also passionate about my family, but I won’t use them as “blog” material too much.

I wrote a book since I retired…a long, long, long book.  Actually Eddie Jones, the publisher of Lighthouse Publishing, told me I have written six books.  I think it will eventually be a trilogy about a couple who builds a home in  Arkansas just prior to the Civil War.  The story is set in Greensboro, which at one time was thought to be the “urban” center in Northeast Arkansas.  Alas, Greensboro is no longer…. The railroad bypassed the town.  If you come to Craighead County today, you will find a small community building is all that marks the site of the once thriving town.

I am also building my retirement home…strangely enough, only yards from Old Greensboro Road, which was at one time a well-used Indian trial following Crowley’s Ridge from southeast Missouri to the southeast part of Arkansas.  Today Old Greensboro Road is a heavily traveled state highway between Jonesboro and Paragould.  I am excited to be moving to Greensboro to make my home in my almost completed Craftsman farmhouse.  I am hoping to spend Christmas there this year.

I want to write stories about Arkansas.  They will always show my state as it is…The Land of Opportunity and The Natural State.  I find much to love about this state, but I also know much of the positive attributes have been hidden under stereotypes.  My tale may be fiction, but I will work hard to make sure the history I write of is factual.

Most importantly, I hope to be a good witness to my faith.  I have much to be grateful for as the Lord has richly blessed me.

I’d love to hear from ya’ll.  Drop me a line sometimes.





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Writing has become my second career. Learning to put my stories in a format to be read, interacting with other writers, and seeing people enjoy my books make my days busy and purposeful. Blessed by God, I have a gift that allows me to follow a new path during my retirement.

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